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#1 3-Jan-2019 21:11:28

Registered: 12-Dec-2013
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Access 2d elements as objects?

While playing around with the 2d elements (labels, text, custom interface...) I noticed there is no way to change the screen position at runtime, or to make such elements drag and drop, am I missing something? Could we have a plug it to manipulate these elements? Just like the object plugits but for 2d elements? Thanks again


#2 4-Jan-2019 10:10:40

Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
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Re: Access 2d elements as objects?

You can already move 3d interfaces by moving their parent (although not the labels form the "labellist" plugIt since they have no parents), but it is true that most of the recents interface plugITs lack these functionnalities. I will add actions to these plugIts soon to change that.
A few plugITs such as the "textzone" and "button" can already be moved and resized at the moment.

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