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#1 3-Jan-2019 15:18:00

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Stats file

Just found this plug it, sounds interesting,  but the docs aren't helpful at all, can we get an example on how to properly work with it? As an openspace user it is frustrating to see such interesting and helpful features but no examples or documentation attached to such features, could I suggest to have an example for every single plug it? This would make life much easier, thanks in advance


#2 3-Jan-2019 15:46:47

Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
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Re: Stats file

The "stats file" plugIt allows to generates a .csv file (located in Documents/OpenSpace3D/tmp/logs) containing stats about your application. You can provide the stats you want to track to the "stats file" plugIt via the actions named like the variables you set inside the plugIt.
I suppose the "New log" event is supposed to be triggered when a new line is added to the file, but I just discovered that it isn't working at the moment.
I will try to correct this and rewrite this plugIt's documentation to make it more helpful by the next release.

Having an exemple for every plugIt seems like a good idea, we just need the time to make them. Any help is welcome !

Thank you for your feedback !

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