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#1 26-Oct-2018 09:39:26

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Model combination

Hi all,

I have many rooms spaces and I would like to create different combinations from them interactively, e.g. I have a square living room 3d model with one marker, then I have a square bedroom 3d model with another marker, and I would like to create the possibility for the client to place the bedroom in any of the sides of the living room (left, right, up or down).

I was thinking to create for bedroom markers one for each combination, but I think this solution could make the file way to heavy.

Is it possible to make this?


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#2 26-Oct-2018 11:07:07

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Re: Model combination

can you make some drawing to be more comprehensive ?
maybe you could add some objects in the room (one by wall) you can show / hide depending of the need.


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