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#1 6-Jul-2018 15:48:25
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Openspace3D - Educational Trauma Life Support

Hi everyone!

This is my first post, first of all, I want to thank @Arkeon for this open software. Also, I want to share this educational project I'm working right now.

Training firefighters and EMT by the medical procedures of Advanced Trauma Support Life (ATSL) and other courses like PHTLS and ITLS.

The demo version I'm working on, use the cave scene demo and some objects imported on .obj format.
The easiest way to create a human on this project is with the open source

Xiomi Note 4
VR Box cardboard

Future work:
Use a camera for a VR app and enhance the experience with a manikin simulator.


#2 6-Jul-2018 16:57:54

Admin. / Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
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Re: Openspace3D - Educational Trauma Life Support


great job! I can't wait to see the result smile


#3 16-Jul-2018 21:27:42
Registered: 6-Jul-2018
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Re: Openspace3D - Educational Trauma Life Support

Hi there!

I finally make some progress on the VR app, but find the limitations of the leap motion controller working with Android (there is a solution that could be developed using a Leap Motion - Raspberry pi - Serial - OS3D, you can check it over HERE). Also, we need to connect a manikin device for the training some procedures like RCP, diagnosis, make-decisions, etc. But, add a Beacon to the system made me MAD.
So, now I'm working with a AR app. I just add a marker on the manikin's chest, and print a 3D patient so the student can touch the maniking and interact with it.
Also, I need to add some voice commands. On my Android device, I installed TASKER and VoiceCommand. VoiceCommand allow me to config my own voice commands with google api, and TASKER allow me to send some messages across UDP or TCP commands for each voice commands detected, but I need some help to configure the network communication on OS3D



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