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#1 22-Sep-2016 22:05:30

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Split Screen VR for Android (Help)

Hello Everyone

I'm new to OpenSpace3D but very excited to learn this program,
(apologizes in advance If I posted this message in the wrong section)

I'm currently working on an app that uses Google Cardboard or any VR glasses for that matter for Androids,
I already made the 3D environment and I was able to export the scene to my phone yet I still can't find out how to split the screen
for the glasses.

on the tutorial on youtube for Oculus, it appears that all I needed to do was just input Oculus Head Tracker to make it split screen
However it appears the new version does not does not split the screen when you input this feature

I'm sure there is something simple I need to do but any suggestions on where I need to go?

Just for some clarification If i want to add interactive to my VR (like walking) i would need a Bluetooth controller correct? 

Thank You

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#2 9-Oct-2016 18:14:31

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Re: Split Screen VR for Android (Help)

Sorry I miss this post
(wrong section)

for card board just use the stereo plugIT and input > orientation traker
yes a bluetooth control do the work for navigation


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