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#1 10-Mar-2016 22:12:01

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America's Music HOF & Museum

Yes I am a co-founder of the America's Music HOF & Museum.

Originally back in the early 1980s when I conceived the idea and then presented it to my co-founder Ron, we had envisioned an 8 story building showcasing the eight genres of music that originated in the USA South: jazz, blues, rock, country, gospel, folk, r&b and bluegrass. We would have had glass exhibits.

Now almost four decades later we seniors (Ron 82 and me 70 years young) know that glass exhibits are dinosaurs! We also know that young people today don't seem to desire to go to PHYSICAL museums unless they are like Disney World!

So we know that virtual reality in possibly 3D is the answer; however Ron and I are MARKETERS not CGI, virtual reality, 3D experts.

I have the tutorials for the software but it might as well be Greek!

Ron and I just want to see the America's Music HOF & Museum a REALITY before we die!

Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Hugh Simpson
Co-founder at


#2 17-Mar-2016 15:09:19

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Re: America's Music HOF & Museum

I moved the post in the correct topic.


every projects are interesting, gives more details :
- any exemple that already exist of what you want to do
- list the features you want to see in the project
- Is this just a simple virtual tour ?


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