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#1 27-Jul-2018 11:03:01

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Lip-Sync poses always visible

I want to create lip-sync animation in Open Space 3D.
I have created fbx files for each letter of the word "Hello". I have imported them in OpenSpace 3D. I wrote the word "Hello" into the Speech Plugit, and it sounds okay. I have put the animations of the phonemes respectively, and I also have connected the two Plugits (Speech and Animation Lip-sync). However, the seperate poses remain visible all the time, thus, the transition is not smooth, as the meshes appear visible ontop of each other all the time. What can I do?


#2 27-Jul-2018 11:26:58

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Re: Lip-Sync poses always visible


you can't make poses from differents files.
The poses need to be set in the same file. I don't think this feature is supported in FBX format.
To make poses you'll have to use the Ogre3D format directly.

There is an exporter I made for 3DS max that manage animations methods :
Unfortunately I can't help for Blender.


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