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#1 26-May-2018 15:54:41

Registered: 26-May-2018
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Planning an app

How do i plan an app's age or duration?

For say a game.
From beginning to end, how do i plan the entire game cycles?
Loadings and features?



#2 4-Jun-2018 08:42:39

Scol language & OpenSpace3D developer
Registered: 28-Jul-2017
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Re: Planning an app


To see an exemple of game made with OpenSpace3D, you can look at the Aliencrash demo in the OpenSpace3D/demos/aliencrash folder.

For informations about the features of OpenSpace3D, you can read the online documentation here :
Note that you can also access the documentation of each plugIT directly with the question mark icon at the top right of each plugIT window.

You can also find video tutorials on our youtube channel, or buy the ebook that will guide you with several tutorials to learn all the core features of OpenSpace3D … enspace3d/

For the loading of levels, you must use the "instantiate" plugIT that will instantiate the new level. Here is the plugIT documentation … lugit.html and you can find it in use in the aliencrash demo.


#3 10-Jun-2018 02:32:56

Registered: 26-May-2018
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Re: Planning an app

Thank you xeonadow.

Do you suppose there is a way to make an apk that has less asset files exposed?



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