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#1 24-Apr-2018 09:02:54

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Doubt with the "open Url" plugit in Android VR Application

Hi Arkeon

Yesterday I told you that I had a problem with my first application of Virtual Reality for Android and you answered the following:

sorry I don't understand. Why don't you use a sequence to get back from the web link screen as you did for videos ?
also please create new topics in english forum for questions like this.

I already did what you told me and everything is correct and good, but I have a question, when opening the url with the Plugit "open url", the VR application screen is blocked and the camera no longer returns to its initial position, the VR application reacts again until I close the url I opened with the pluit, is it normal? Is there any way to avoid this blocking of the application with some Plugit "
Another question, is it still not possible to place the web browser on a texture in the Android Application? I ask you why the web browser looks very good in a texture.
I hope you could explain me, I use Google translator.

Greetings and excellent day


#2 24-Apr-2018 17:56:10

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Re: Doubt with the "open Url" plugit in Android VR Application


when you open an url on android the os3d app is "paused" by the android system.
nope, for now there is no way to put a browser on android in a texture.


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