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#1 11-Sep-2017 11:25:16

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Binary Files Problem


I am a computer science student and I'm currently working on files, the subject on which I do not have a massive amount of conceptual understanding. I can quickly understand though, if someone could help me out on this problem.

I'm creating a program for a Restaurant that can take in Customer's information and store them in a binary file. There's a structure for the Customer information from which I have created 10 objects in an array called C.

Now all of that runs perfectly (the entering of information) but I'm getting stuck in this particular section of the code that employs the use of files.

No matter what I've tried it always says displays "File cannot be opened". I have only written this code and since I'm a little confused about files I haven't done ANYTHING else (eg. going to Debug file and doing stuff there).

Help would be much appreciated.


#2 11-Sep-2017 11:36:35

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Re: Binary Files Problem

smart spam ^^


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